About The Podplay

The Podplay was born out of a necessity of artistic survival. I was feeling quite burnt out with the Hollywood process of pitching and selling projects that would appeal to the executives who try their best to throw darts at a board called the audience. It left me detached and unresponsive to what ideas and processes brought me writing in the first place.  I call it “The Permission Problem.”

As a creative writer in Hollywood, you can write a couple of ways; speculate, hired gun, or pitch. To write a speculative script, you hope and pray that the months it will take you to write a full-length project will then be allowed the process of sitting in the inbox of agents, managers, and executives for months on end and if they actually do end up reading it, you then pray that they will “like” it. Then if they "like" it — here come the notes. Congrats, if you are getting notes someone thinks you are worth their time. The problem arises when and if your work turns into a POS at the end of a lengthy back and forth with someone who is often, not very good at knowing (or not much caring) what was good and true about the project in its original state.

So the spec option was feeling a bit like a fool’s errand.

The hired gun option means you are trusted enough, and successful enough that people want to pay you to write with only a partial dancing-for-your-dinner feeling. Once selected you must then mind-read the room and deliver everyone’s expectation on source material that you may or may not give a crap about. I paint as well, and if someone asks me to paint a circle — I will be terrible at painting a circle. This is my issue. I believe an artist must have the idea, fall in love with the idea, execute the idea as close to the passion as possible and ultimately get as close to that pure idea as possible. The hired gun option pays the bills quite nicely but never got me where I was going to my satisfaction.

Which leaves the pitch. Ah, the pitch. The dangling carrot of not having to do all the work upfront, asking a company to pay you to do your idea, and then filling your lifeboat with a group of people who poke at the life-raft with anything sharp they can find. It’s the same process as the hired gun, but instead, you are allowing strangers to dismantle your baby, one ill note at a time.

After years of chasing this brightly painted, and disguised fud-ly pimply-assed dragon I found myself feeling lethargic and bitter about what I loved to do — tell stories. So decided to do something about the permission problem.

The Podplay was born out of a very, very small performance in Joshua Tree, California of a play I had written as a therapeutic resolve from a tough divorce. (All divorces are tough — my ex and I are good friends now — I cherish the relationship pre and post) and answered a call for plays for shits and giggles. The process was staggeringly prophetic for me and my desire to work this closely with actors set a new fire in my soul. My friend and co-conspirator Sage (who came with me) suggested that I turn the play into a podcast. I nodded politely and didn’t give it much thought. I was still chasing that Dragon…. I’m in showbiz! People pay me to write! My lucky numbers are almost here. My horse will come in! Put it all on black!

Fortunately, the fine director who put on the first performance wanted to revisit the play and put on a repeat performance. Sage again accompanied me and again suggested that I turn the play into a podcast. This time the idea bounced around my head like a ping-pong ball inside my acrylic dome of a head. My lucky number did hit — I was going to give myself permission to do what I wanted.

The more research I did the more impressed I was with the medium. This is a direct to market opportunity for writers and I hope they do what I did. Set themselves free and make what they want. The world will be so better off for it.

Audio Theater

PODPLAYS are audio theater. Performances made specifically for a podcast audience casting great actors and utilizing music and sound effects to create a storytelling environment that is intellectually driven. Writers and actors working closely together while crafting stories that are closer to the original intention than studio films, television, or publishing houses can allow. Podplays are very much like paintings. It is all emotion. Intention. Clean execution.

I hope the Podplay inspires, entertains, and pushes people to think differently, often, and explore their own permission problems to set them free.

David Harris Writer and Artist


Dave Harris is the Founder and Creative Director of The Podplay.

David Harris' Writing career started in the NYC comedy scene and drifted out West to script shows and films for Fox, Paramount, NBC, ABC, Warner Brothers, Paramount, and HBO. Harris is most known for his film and television writing. Harris' most recent writing work can be seen in Age of Summer, movie about a coming of age story now airing on Showtime. David Harris also wrote for Malibu Country a comedy starring Reba McEntire. 

David Harris is a bit of a marketing fanboy and enjoys creating all the video and website images for The Podplay with his painting and illustration skills. See more of David Harris Artistry.


Gabriel Hogan Actor and Producer

Gabriel Hogan uses his energetic acting and comedy skills to bring The Podplay audio theater performances to life with delightful characters that titillate the ears and excite the listener.

Gabe is familiar to audiences worldwide with critically acclaimed performances on film and television. Appearing on over 300 episodes of tv shows and over 45 movies.

Gabriel currently plays the Hilarious Ike Crystal on the TV Series Tacoma FD, a comedy about firefighters fighting boredem on TruTV. The Gabriel Hogan Family lives in California.

Inga Cadranel Actor and Producer

Inga Cadranel is an actress born in North America. Inga is a talented, award-winning film and tv actor with a chameleon-like quality to her work. Whether she is playing the bookish Liz Santerra in Jeff Ltd. or the hard-nosed Detective  DeAngelis in Orphan Black.

Inga is known for creating compelling, memorable characters whenever she takes on a part. Inga is also an accomplished musician, singer & songwriter.

Ned Douglas Writer and Sound Engineer

Ned Douglas is trained as a sound engineer in London and moved straight into studio work just as computers were beginning to become commonplace in the studio. Douglas quickly became a sought-after programmer and engineer working with a diverse range of artists including Stevie Nicks, Mick Jagger,  Eurythmics, Ringo Starr and Katy Perry.

Ned Douglas continues to work on a vast array of music, including film scores with Hans Zimmer on the Broadway production of Ghost.

Ned Douglas also writes fiction, having had projects in development with Amazon Studios, Bixpix Studios, and Film Roman.

Jonathan Daviss Actor

Jonathan Davis is an American actor from Texas.  Daviss is best known for his role as Pope Heyward in Outer Banks a Netflix original. Jonathan's film career includes playing Mathis in the 2018 film Age of Summer Movie, and Teddy in Shattered Memories.

Hugh Ross Actor 

Hugh Ross is a television and film editor on such shows as New Girl and Speechless.  Hugh Ross is career as an actor and was able to continue the tradition with a rich voice over career.

Ross also narrated the Brad Pitt western, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,
as well as, The Age of Adaline, starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford.

Linda Borg Actor

 Linda Borg has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts for Performing - Acting and Directing. Linda pursues
her passions for the performing arts fiercely. Linda's focus is musicals and she enjoys donating her time to singing weekly with the ladies from L.A. South Towns Show Chorus. Linda’s current
adventures are updated on her company's website: www.theatreredefined.com.

Tim Blake Voice Actor

Tim is a voice actor working mainly in audio books and video game characterization. During the day, Blake proofreads text in video games for a living. 

Blake contributes his voicing skills to the Podplay with his character abilities and overall is  just happy to be involved with such a great group of people!

Moses Luster and the Hollywood Lights

Moses cut his teeth playing the casinos of Vegas and Reno. After years of mixing with the gamblers and lowlifes for whom the glitz of the strip was a distant memory, he finally came to Hollywood and started writing songs about his past. Like Bukowski or Tom Waits, he paints vivid pictures of the underbelly of society, but the sound is more modern, an electronic noir

Moses is thrilled to support The Podplay with music selections that can be heard throughout all of the audio theater productions. Moses has four albums all available on their band camp page.