Creative Drivers

Creative Drivers celebrates the kind of modern thinking it takes to keep a competitive business afloat. We seek out alternative minds with every conceivable approach on how to make their business succeed. It takes a new way of thinking to overcome the challenges that face business today and leaders draw their inspiration from many different and surprising sources. The art of business is proving just that. It takes an artist’s temperament to guess where your business should be going, where you might want it to go, and certainly an important factor — where do the people who desire your product or service want to go?

Podcast Advertising

Within the Creative Drivers podcast, we feature brands that support artistic endeavors. With Podcast Advertising we benefit from their kind contributions to keep The Podplay going, but also serve to dive deep into their thoughts on moving forward and build a community of like-minded and forward-thinking business partners.

With a completed full-length podcast (for the company to then distribute as they see fit — on their website and social media, etc.) The Podplay then hones a one-minute ad that will accompany our Podplays and the audience we reach.

Podcast Advertising Rates

If you are interested in a strategic partnership with The Podplay reach out and lets start the conversation. Fill out this form for our podcast advertising rates.

    Strand Brewing Company

    The Podplay and Strand Brewing Company discuss business vs. creative in this candid and up-front podcast that delves into the process and delivery of ideas vs. concepts vs. real-world limitations. Anyone can start a business-- it takes a visionary to forge ahead and create something sustainable. Dave from sits down, drinks, curses, and ruminates with owner and brewer of Strand Brewing Co., Joel Elliot.

    The Strand Brewing Company

    The Strand Brewing Company is an innovated brewery company offering premium handcrafted ales. Located at 2201 Dominguez St. Torrance, CA 90501. They are the perfect place to sit down have a chat with your buddies and enjoy a cold ale.  Check out their website for up to date offers: